About Tecpro

Tecpro Australia is a recognised leader in reliable technical solutions for a vast range of industrial applications. Since 1982, we’ve applied our significant technical expertise and knowledge to solve a wide variety of engineering challenges – from the simple to the highly complex.
Our clients come from a broad spectrum of industries including mining, steel mills, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, cement plants, mining and electricity generation.

Tecpro Australia’s reputation as the ‘go to’ company for all manner of engineering technical requirements has attracted clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our range of high quality products includes industrial spray nozzles, filter nozzles, tank cleaning equipment, ergonomic guns, stainless steel hose reels, water jet cutting supplies, fogging nozzles and fog makers for wastewater evaporation, dust suppression and evaporative cooling. We also offer a specialised consultancy service for any type of application that requires the spraying of liquids, air or both.

Tecpro Australia is an Australian-owned company with headquarters based in Sydney.

Why choose Tecpro Australia?

With expertise built over several decades, the team at Tecpro Australia can advise and guide you on the best choice of technical solution for your situation.
When you choose a Tecpro Australia solution, you are assured of 100% satisfaction through the following:

  • You’ll only be offered products that meet Tecpro’s rigorous standards

When it comes to selecting our range of recommended products, we search worldwide for those that offer the most effective performance, and that are highly reliable and long lasting. We only stock those products that satisfy our stringent quality standards so that you can always depend upon a Tecpro Australia solution.

  • You can rely on Tecpro’s integrity and honesty

We believe that being honest and having integrity are amongst the most important ingredients of our success. How these values translate into the way we work is that you can always rely on what we say. We’ll give you the advice that is right for you, even if it means recommending you look at another type of solution. This is because at the end of the day, we’re passionate about helping people get the solution that will work best for them – and our success and reputation have been built on this.

  • You’ll benefit from Tecpro’s vast expertise

Because we have decades of experience in coming up with technical solutions for thousands of clients across a broad range of industries, we’ve built up a substantial knowledge base. This gives us the insight and skills to help identify the best solution for a wide variety of engineering challenges. Talk to us, and shortcut your search for a solution.

  • You’ll receive customer service that is second to none

We regard our clients and suppliers as partners and we do all we can to develop long lasting connections. We’ll go the extra mile for you to make sure that you get the best and most cost-effective solution for your application.

  • You’ll get the best outcome, as Tecpro not only offers a wide range of standard products, but also provides customised solutions

We offer a broad choice of standard technical solutions – and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find it for you, or to organise a custom solution. This means that with Tecpro Australia, it’s easier and faster for you to get the solution that matches your needs.

“We aim to keep our clients for a lifetime. We do this by delivering solutions that they can rely on.”

Graeme Cooper, Managing Director, Tecpro Australia

Company History

Technical Projects was established in 1982 by Lester Maino, a design engineer, to assist clients with technical problems relating to spray nozzles and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Lester retired in 1999 and the company was taken over by Graeme Cooper who had been working with Lester for 10 years.

Since then, Graeme and his team have continued to grow the company.

After being known as Technical Projects for 28 years, the company name was simplified to Tecpro Australia in 2010, however the same honest and reliable approach to service and products continues to underpin the company’s success.
Today, Tecpro serves a large number of customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia and looks forward to further expansion in the future.

4 / 44 Carrington Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia