Automatic Air Atomising Nozzles

Classic Atomiser


Body Types and Options

Air Actuated Atomiser
MX bodies contain an air actuated cylinder which controls the spray operation by means of a needle, opening or closing the water inlet in the liquid nozzle.

Normally the air used for atomising the liquid flows continuously, while the air to the actuator is used to start and stop the atomising cycles.
For longer idle times between two atomising cycles, where too much atomising air would be wasted, sequenced shut-off should be organized for the two air lines.

The air actuator air should be stopped (and the liquid flow interrupted) before atomising air to be sure all liquid inside is completely atomiser and dripping is avoided.
Conversely, when spray begins, atomising air should be started first so that incoming liquid is atomised without dripping.
Single air option is explained on page 21.

No-Drip Needle
Our engineers have invented, developed and introduced on the market a no-drip needle (Italian Patent MI96U-00541) to assure positive liquid shut-off and completely drip-free operation.

This solved completely the old problem of dripping atomisers as offered from our competitors. 
All air actuated PNR atomisers include this better and more consistent design as standard.

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