Big “animals” on show at AIMEX

Tecpro Australia showcased the ”long necked” GIRAFFA and the bigger bodied ELEFANTE at the AIMEX 2013 exhibition for the mining industry in Sydney in August.
Fog Makers
With their cannon-like ability to disperse a fine mist over extensive areas, Idrotech’s ELEFANTE and GIRAFFA fog makers are effective in suppressing fugitive dust in mining and construction environments.

“Each has a 340 degree rotation angle and elevation range of -25deg to +45deg. The ELEFANTE has a throw distance of 60 metres and the GIRAFFA’s throw distance is 25 metres,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “Over these long distances, the fine mist particles combine readily with airborne dust, and the combined weight causes the dust to fall to the ground.”

Managing and controlling dust is a key concern in the mining industry. Failing to do so can create significant environmental and occupational health and safety risks.

“Many visitors to our stand had been frustrated in their previous efforts to control dust effectively,” said Graeme Cooper. “They were very interested to see the complete range of solutions we have on offer. This included the ELEFANTE and GIRAFFA as well as the customised solutions we have developed to address site-specific dust problems being experienced by our customers.”

Dust suppression solutions can generally be divided into three different types: high pressure misting systems, ultrasonic nozzles and low pressure hydraulic atomising nozzles.

“What made Tecpro stand out at AIMEX is the fact that we offer all three, where as other companies tend to focus on just one,” said Mr Cooper. “And because we’ve been in the industry for a long time, we’re very experienced in modifying or integrating different systems to come up with a tailored solution that precisely targets the type of dust problem, environment and dust suppression objectives of our customers.”

Arising from the AIMEX event – the largest trade exhibition for the mining industry in Australia – the team at Tecpro has been busy responding to the many enquiries received.

“It’s been very interesting to look at the current challenges being faced by many in the mining industry,” said Mr Cooper. “At the moment we’re designing a mobile dust suppression solution featuring a manifold spray. This is intended for a mine that uses a conveyor belt that’s moved constantly to stockpile dry product in multiple locations. The mobile solution we’ve designed has the flexibility to suppress dust wherever the conveyor belt is operating.”

Tecpro Australia has designed a variety of dust suppression solutions for transfer stations, conveyor belts, hopper bins, and product crushers. Among the systems on display at AIMEX was its award winning solution designed for Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine.

“For the Mandalong Mine site, Tecpro developed a solution that won the 2012 Australian Bulk Handling Review Award for Dust Control, Technology, Application or Practice in partnership with the University of Wollongong,” said Mr Cooper. “After trying a variety approaches without success our team in conjunction with the University of Wollongong designed and fabricated a solution that dramatically reduced dust emissions around the large underground bin.”

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