Big Fog Maker generates a buzz at AIMEX

Tecpro Australia News Release – September 2011

The Italian-designed ELEFANTE Fog Maker made its Australian debut at AIMEX and drew quite a crowd.

Tecpro Australia’s stand at the Australian International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) in September attracted much attention with its range of specialist dust suppression solutions, including the ELEFANTE Fog Maker which appeared in Australia for the first time.














“We operated the ELEFANTE a couple of times each day,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “It blew a large plume of fine mist which drew quite a crowd. A by-product was that visitors also enjoyed the cooling effect it created during the hot weather!”

Two representatives from Idrotech, maker of the ELEFANTE, were on hand to answer technical questions about it, as well as about Idrotech’s complete range of specialist dust suppression nozzles. “The ELEFANTE is capable of spraying an ultra-fine mist up to 60 metres, propelled by a powerful fan on which three concentric nozzle rings are mounted,” said Mr Cooper. “It is ideal for use in suppressing dust over a larger area and around stockpiles.”

The ELEFANTE has an easy-to-use control panel, or optional remote control, and can be easily set to automatically traverse backwards and forwards through a rotation angle of up to 340 degrees. The elevation angle can also be readily adjusted from -20 to +45 degrees.

“Another advantage with the ELEFANTE is that it does not cause problems associated with water pooling or runoff, because the water droplets are so small that they evaporate very quickly,” said Mr Cooper. “It is a very flexible solution as it can be moved and placed in position wherever dust suppression is needed.”

Both the ELEFANTE Fog Maker and the smaller version, the GIRAFFA Fog Maker are available in either a low pressure (10 Bar) or a high pressure (50 Bar) version. They each have a range of nozzle sizes so that the fine droplets produced can be sized to best suit a particular dust suppression situation.   “For example, with a stockpile dust suppression application it would be better to use nozzles which will have a slight wetting effect,” said Mr Cooper. ”Whereas inside a building, nozzles that produce droplets so fine that there is no residual wetting would be the suitable choice.”

At AIMEX, Tecpro also showcased a unique fan, to which had fogging nozzles had been fitted. This created a 360 degree, horizontal plane of dry fog.

“A manager of a foundry was interested in this technology as a means of cooling the foundry workplace which can get very hot,” said Mr Cooper. “The nozzles could be installed just below the ceiling and blow the fog sideways above the work area. This would have the effect of cooling the internal temperature, and because the water droplets are only 10 micron, they evaporate almost instantly. This means that the area is cooled but not made wet.”

These nozzles, mounted on Idrotech’s Mist Fan 360, can reduce ambient temperature by around 9 – 10 degrees Celsius, depending upon the temperature and humidity levels.

“They work most effectively in a temperature setting between 26 – 45 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40 – 80 per cent,” said Mr Cooper. “They can be used indoors or outdoors for evaporative cooling purposes in a variety of settings.”

Tecpro has been busy following up the many customers who visited their stand at AIMEX. “It was great to have so many of our existing customers call by,” said Mr Cooper. “We were also very pleased to welcome many other visitors who had not heard of Tecpro previously.”

Tecpro welcomes enquiries from customers who are interested in trialling the ELEFANTE or GIRAFFA fog makers or wish to discuss dust suppression problems.

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