• Tecpro and UOW win at Australian Bulk Handling Awards

    Tecpro Australia and the University of Wollongong have won a prestigious award for their collaborative dust suppression solution at Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine. At the seventh Australian Bulk Handling Awards held in Sydney on 7 November, Tecpro Australia and the University of Wollongong won the Australian Bulk Handling Review Award for Dust Control, Technology, Application or Practice. The award was in recognition of their innovative solution developed to solve a persistent dust problem at Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine near Newcastle.  For some time, the mine had experienced a significant dust problem where the coal drops from the crusher to the [...]

  • ELEFANTE fog maker takes off worldwide

    Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog maker, available locally through Tecpro Australia, is being used in Russia, China, Africa and Australia to combat dust problems at mine sites. In China, near the Mongolian border, currently sit seven elephants – but not the four-legged type. Dust problems in the far province of Shanxi caused by a coal mine and associated road transport have led authorities to position seven of Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog makers at strategic points to suppress the dust which was regarded as potentially corrosive and toxic.  The affected area in Shanxi is around 32,000 square metres, with the dust problem caused by [...]

  • Innovative Dust Control at Mandalong Mine

    Tecpro Australia Nomination for the 7th Annual Australian Bulk Handling Awards In the category of:  Dust Control Technology, Application or Practice Read full article

  • Dramatic reduction in dust achieved at Mandalong Mine

    In its Longwall coal mine near Morisset NSW, Centennial Coal sought to reduce significant dust emissions around its underground bin. At full production, Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine produces 5.5 million tonnes of coal each year from its underground Newcastle coalfields. At the point where the coal drops from the crusher to the underground bin, a substantial dust problem was being experienced. “Centennial Coal had tried a number of approaches to remedy their dust problem,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “When these didn’t prove as effective as they wanted, they contacted Dr Ting Ren from the University of [...]

  • Finer droplets generated by CAY cluster nozzles produces big improvements in dust suppression at recycling plant

    Traditional methods of dust suppression proved ineffective for a building material recycling plant. Tecpro Australia collaborated with Jeff Hill Plumbing to create a solution that surpassed the site operator’s environmental obligations. Dust suppression is a critically important consideration in many types of industries including construction, mining, agriculture and manufacturing. Without appropriate measures in place, dust particles can pose serious respiratory health risks to people in the vicinity. Airborne dust also creates significant pollution problems in neighbouring areas. A building material recycling plant in Sydney had tried several traditional methods of dust suppression but found them unsatisfactory. Existing nozzles were often [...]

  • Tecpro launching innovative Dust Suppression Solutions at AIMEX

    Tecpro Australia News Release – June 2011 Tecpro Australia will unveil innovative new dust suppression products for the mining industry on Stand R176 during AIMEX– Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition 2011, to be held at Sydney’s Olympic Park, Homebush, from September 6-9. On show for the first time in Australia will be the Elefante and Giraffa fog makers from Italian company Idrotech SrI.  They are ideal for suppressing dust which is being generated a long distance away and/or is spread over a large area. The 2.4m-high Elefante uses a powerful fan to shoot billions of small water droplets into the air and projects them [...]

  • Dust Suppression on a wide scale creates a safer environment for mines, quarries, rubbish tips and more

    Tecpro Australia is proud to announce the introduction of the ELEFANTE Fog Maker to its range of industry- leading dust suppression systems. The ELEFANTE Fog Maker, produced by award winning Italian company Idrotech S.r.l is ideal for large scale dust suppression. Three concentric nozzle rings produce a mist of water particles which are propelled by a powerful fan a distance of up to 60 metres. “The ELEFANTE creates a much more healthy work environment” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “It suppresses fugitive airborne dust in large open areas and also minimises the transfer of dust to adjoining site, [...]

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