• Save floor space with Rino wall mounted mist cannon

    The Rino mist cannon is a compact fog maker that’s perfect for a diverse range of applications. With its new, specially designed bracket, it can be fitted to walls, so it can get to work without using up valuable floor space. Available through Tecpro Australia, the Idrotech Rino Fog Maker is popular for use where dust suppression, odour control, evaporative cooling, humidification or disinfection is needed. “With the development of a purpose-designed, compact bracket, the Rino can be easily installed above ground height,” said Patrick Cooper, a technical consultant with Tecpro Australia. “This has the advantage of putting it in [...]

  • New fog nozzle with filter for use with dirty water

    Now available from Tecpro Australia, Idrotech has released an easy maintenance fog nozzle, suitable for use with unclean water. Fog nozzles are useful in a variety of applications such as dust suppression, cooling, odour control and humidification. To avoid blockages however, most types of fogging nozzles need water that is very clean and well filtered – which is quite challenging in many types of industrial environments. To combat this problem, Idrotech has developed a new fog nozzle with a washable and re-usable filter, making it suitable for use in applications using poorly filtered water. “The new fog nozzles patented by [...]

  • Silica dust: a cause for concern in construction

    Silica is a common component of many materials that are encountered during construction. If workers are exposed to silica dust without adequate respiratory protection in place, they are at risk of developing silicosis, a serious lung disease.  Silica is a major component in sand, and sand is a principal ingredient in cement, which in turn is used to make concrete. Rocks such as granite and sandstone, as well as clay bricks, tiles and some fibro cement products also contain silica. Workers who drill or cut into these products without using proper personal protection equipment are at risk of breathing in [...]

  • Fog maker with ATEX certification now available

    New to the market, Tecpro is pleased to introduce an ATEX certified version of their fog makers that suppresses dust in areas in danger of explosion. In environments such as mine sites, storage facilities or mills, dust can pose a significant health, safety and environmental hazard – and sometimes an explosive hazard. Certain types of dust are combustible, including coal, sulphur, grain, flour, sugar, sawdust, magnesium, cotton and even powdered metals such as titanium and aluminium. “Our new ATEX certified fog maker is a fantastic innovation for dust prone environments at risk of explosion,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro [...]

  • There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for dust suppression

    Every dust problem is unique – from the volume of dust to its size, its type, its location, and the surrounding environment. It’s vital to fully understand all factors, and to get expert guidance in choosing the right solution from the full range of options. It would be easy to think all dust problems are the same. But that would be a mistake, says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director with Tecpro Australia. “First of all, there is the chemical or mineralogical composition of the dust to consider,” he says. “Then it is important to understand its concentration, and the size of [...]

  • Tecpro Australia introduces the versatile new Rino fog maker

    The Rino offers greater versatility with the ability to operate effectively with either low or high pressure water, and at many different flow rates. “Thirty nozzles are positioned around the fog maker’s mouth, with different types of nozzles used depending on whether water pressure is high or low,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia, distributor of the Rino. “The nozzles atomise the water into a fine mist capable of being propelled 30 metres by its powerful fan.” The Rino can be set for high water pressure (up to 70 bar) or low water pressure (up to 15 bar). There [...]

  • Big “animals” on show at AIMEX

    Tecpro Australia showcased the ”long necked” GIRAFFA and the bigger bodied ELEFANTE at the AIMEX 2013 exhibition for the mining industry in Sydney in August. With their cannon-like ability to disperse a fine mist over extensive areas, Idrotech’s ELEFANTE and GIRAFFA fog makers are effective in suppressing fugitive dust in mining and construction environments. “Each has a 340 degree rotation angle and elevation range of -25deg to +45deg. The ELEFANTE has a throw distance of 60 metres and the GIRAFFA’s throw distance is 25 metres,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “Over these long distances, the fine mist particles combine [...]

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