Dust Suppression on a wide scale creates a safer environment for mines, quarries, rubbish tips and more

Tecpro Australia is proud to announce the introduction of the ELEFANTE Fog Maker to its range of industry- leading dust suppression systems.

The ELEFANTE Fog Maker, produced by award winning Italian company Idrotech S.r.l is ideal for large scale dust suppression.

Three concentric nozzle rings produce a mist of water particles which are propelled by a powerful fan a distance of up to 60 metres.

“The ELEFANTE creates a much more healthy work environment” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “It suppresses fugitive airborne dust in large open areas and also minimises the transfer of dust to adjoining site, thereby reducing dust pollution.”

The fog maker is particularly useful for suppressing dust that is difficult to control using other methods. “In many cases it is difficult to mount sprays close to the area where the dust is being generated, ” says Mr Cooper. “However a fog maker can be placed up to 60 metres away, and with the plume of fog directed at the source of the dust, it can be suppressed.”

The Fog Maker can be supplied mounted on a wheeled trolley, or it can be fitted to a concrete base or to a trailer. It uses water pressure of up to 10 bar through 156 nozzles, and the flow rate varies from 14.8 litres per minute to 87.6 litres per minute, depending on the particular nozzle size fitted. The unit requires 400v-50Hz power and uses 11 Kw of energy.

The Fog Maker has a rotation angle of 320° and elevation of -20° to +45°. Air volume from the Fog Maker is 28.500 m3/h. The height of the ELEFANTE is 2.4 metres and the fan diameter is 660mm.

“Not only can the ELEFANTE be used for dust suppression, but by dosing the water with a deodorising chemical it can be used to neutralise odours in garbage disposal site, and can even be used too cool large outdoor recreation areas because of the evaporative cooling effect of the fine droplets” says Mr Cooper. “If offers substantial advantages to operators at a wide range of work sites.”

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