ELEFANTE fog maker takes off worldwide

Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog maker, available locally through Tecpro Australia, is being used in Russia, China, Africa and Australia to combat dust problems at mine sites.

Elefante Fog MakerIn China, near the Mongolian border, currently sit seven elephants – but not the four-legged type.

Dust problems in the far province of Shanxi caused by a coal mine and associated road transport have led authorities to position seven of Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog makers at strategic points to suppress the dust which was regarded as potentially corrosive and toxic. 

The affected area in Shanxi is around 32,000 square metres, with the dust problem caused by coal handling. The Italian-designed ELEFANTE provides an effective method of controlling fugitive dust in such an environment.

It works by shooting a strong, continuous plume of fine mist of fog up to 60 metres long. Because the fog particles are similar in dimension to the dust particles, they combine easily with one another, and aided by gravity, fall to the ground.

The ELEFANTE is being used extensively in Russia, China and Africa, and increasingly in Australia. It is particularly useful in open cut mining environments and building and road construction sites where dust is a significant problem.

“Since the launch of the ELEFANTE in Australia, there’s been a great deal of interest from customers in the mining industry,” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director with Tecpro Australia. “By effectively suppressing dust, the ELEFANTE significantly reduces health and safety risks, environmental damage and wear and tear on machinery.”

The ELEFANTE’s ultra-fine mist spray is propelled by a powerful fan, upon which three concentric nozzle rings are mounted. A particular advantage of the ELEFANTE is that a wide range of nozzles of different capacities can be fitted to the rings, giving the best water volume to suit any situation or environmental condition.

“Because the mist droplets the ELEFANTE generates are so fine, they evaporate quickly. This avoids problems associated with water pooling or run off,” says Mr Cooper. “Another advantage is that the ELEFANTE can be mounted on a wheeled trolley or fitted to a concrete base or trailer. Because of this, it can be moved to suppress dust wherever needed.”

Tecpro Australia provides expert guidance and assistance to the mining industry in all aspects of dust suppression. Enquiries can be directed to 02 9634 3370.

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