Fog System 60 CABRIO

Fogging system fog module 60 bar from 12 to 70 nozzles

  • The easiest and cheapest system of the range
  • Ideal for cooling, creating special effects, humidification, dust suppression and odour control in small and medium areas.
  • Simple in concept and easy to install

The advantages of adopting Cabrio as a solution for the needs of your customers are to be found in its simplicity and in the easiness of installation. It is a highly professional solution and it offers the advantage of a reasonable price thanks to its basic design.

Technical features:
• Frame, formed by 4 feet
• Motor-pump, 1400 Rpm, 230 V-50 Hz with axial pump, 3 plungers with terminal part in ceramic and brass head
• Unloader valve
• L.p. solenoid valve 230 V-50 Hz, inlet water
• Electric box complete with:  ON/OFF light switch and 3 m-9.8 ft electric
cable with schuko plug

4 / 44 Carrington Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia