Fog System 70 APERTO

Fogging system 70 bar-1000 psi fog module

Fogging system from 65 to 290 nozzles

Technical features:
• Aluminium frame with painted steel panels
• H.p. crankshaft pump with 3 ceramic pistons and brass head
• Electric motor 1450 Rpm, 3×400 V-50 Hz, S1
• Adjustable pressure / flow rate valve regulator
• Safety relief valve
• Pressure gauge with glycerine
• L.p. solenoid valve 24 V-50 Hz, inlet water
• H.p. solenoid valve 24 V-50 Hz, to unload the h.p. pipe line
• L.p. pressure switch for lack of water
• Electric board complete with:  general ON/OFF switch, remote control switch, protection thermal device, fuses, electrical
   transformer 380/220/24 V, Manual / Automatic selector.
• Warming indicators:  electric board ON (WHITE), lack of water (YELLOW), thermal protection (RED), system working (GREEN).
   It is ready to be connected to an external thermostat probe (Automatic selector).

* The highest number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate 20 (0,089 l/min-0.02 USGpm) at 70
   bar-1000 psi.

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