Fog System 70 IC AMBIENTE

Fogging system IC 70 Ambiente

Fogging system 70 bar-1000 psi IC Ambiente 70 MULTI-LINE with variable flow rate

Here comes the air-conditioning robot
It cools, suppresses dust, humidifies and perfumes the environment, transforming a sweltering summer into a pleasant spring. It’s called IC Ambiente 70: it is an innovative system which transforms a humidification system into an outstanding cooling equipment thanks to its revolutionary, hi-tech, electronic system. The water nebulisation is instantaneously modulated. This is the latest by Idrobase group, introduced in the international markets by its associate company Idrotech.

The advantages of “Made in Italy”
Idrotech has twenty years experience in designing and producing fogging systems.
The “Made in Italy” logo points out the use of high quality materials and the advanced know-how achieved by the company staff.
This choice gives us the possibility to find always innovative solutions, suitable for our customers’ requirements and for the needs of an evolving market.

Features of the Fog system IC 70 Ambiente
Multi-line IC Ambiente 70 is equipped with a master board for the management of 4 zones. Each zone is intercepted by a h.p. kit of solenoid valves. There are four selectors on the panel of the master board. A single zone can be set on ON / OFF, MANUAL or AUTOMATIC. Each of the four areas is controlled by a remote control through the use of sensing probes (humidistat, thermostat). The data are
transferred to the master board that activates or inactivates the lines adjusting the quantity of water in the system by reducing or increasing the engine r.p.m.

With the AUTOMATIC function, the duty cycle kit (OPTIONAL) is activated. In addition, the master board CAN BE enriched with a timer kit (OPTIONAL) for each zone enabling you to manage working and pause times differentiating them in each area. A slave board may be connected to the master board allowing to manage 8 zones instead of 4. A peculiarity of IC Ambiente 70 Multi-line is just the possibility of adding more slave panels in order to increase the number of manageable areas. Respect for the environment in the form of saving energy and water are the basis of this project. If you consider also its ability to manage a number “n” of areas, you have the best equation for the right ratio work to free time.

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