Fog System 70 VAR

Fixed fogging system FOG 70 VAR with variable frequency drive
from 16 to 325 nozzles

Fixed variable frequency drive fogging system FOG 70 VAR can automatically manage up to 16 nebulizing lines working with a minimum of 6 nozzles up to a maximum of 325 nozzles.

Fixed variable frequency drive fogging system FOG 70 VAR including:
• 70 bar motor pump-group unit, electric motor capable of operating from 100 rpm to 1450 rpm and delivering, according to the
   model, a variable output of water from 0.5 l/min up to a maximum of 15 l/min; from 6 nozzles to 325 nozzles (nozzles with holes
   of 1.5mm diameter) strictly stabilised at 70 bar pressure, see features below.

•  Water nebulizing lines that can be, as required, in stainless steel or in polyamide, or a mixture of both, (see pages 72-77).
•  Nebulizing nozzles, (see pages 82).
•  Sensors and remote controls (timers, humidistats, thermostats, heliostat, etc.) (see page 80).
•  Electrical control panel complete with PLC microprocessor, (see features below).

For a customer’s request and after receiving the appropriate documentation (diagram of the area to be nebulized, characteristics of the site, etc.) we can supply a detailed offer including the parts of the fog system (type of unit, type and length of line, amount of nozzles, sensors and so on). We will despatch the components together with the most efficient design where we will detail how to assemble the system (distance between each nozzle, height and position of the line, position of sensors and controls, etc.).

Technical specifications:
• Galvanized steel frame with AISI 304 stainless steel cover
• H.p. pump with camshaft, 3 pistons, brass head
• Electric motor 3×400 V – 50Hz with variable frequency
• By-pass valve
• Glycerine filled pressure gauge made from AISI 304 stainless steel
• Water inlet l.p. electric valve, 24V- 50/60Hz
• H.p. electric valve, 24V – 50/60Hz
• H.p. safety valve pressure switch for lack of water and /or broken h.p. pipe line
• H.p. and L.p. water circuit
• Electric panel, complete with:  ON-OFF thermic switch, remote control switch, fuses, transfomer 400V – 24 V,
   quick connection for connecting to the PLC panel.

* The highest number of nozzles has been calculated by using a nozzle with flow rate 20 (0,089 l/min-0.02 USGpm)
   at 70 bar-1000 psi.

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