High pressure Giraffa generates an ultra fine mist for powerful dust suppression

Idrotech’s high pressure Giraffa fog maker operates at up to 50 bar, producing a fine mist vapour that captures and suppresses ultra-small dust particles.

Giraffa High Pressure Fog Maker

The Idrotech Giraffa is designed for dust suppression in a variety of open and enclosed environments including construction and mining sites, open-air dumps, waste disposal stations and industrial sites.

“With its high pressure pump and industrial fan, the Giraffa streams a powerful, fine mist a distance of up to 25 metres,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director with Tecpro Australia. “The vapour produced is extremely fine and will therefore attract very small dust particles. Once a water and dust particle combines, the combined weight makes the dust fall to the ground, thereby combatting the dust problem.”

A major advantage of the high pressure Giraffa is that the risk of water pooling on site is dramatically reduced.

“Some work sites simply spray water from a hose or hose nozzle to try to suppress airborne dust,” said Mr Cooper. “This rarely works because the water droplets are too big and cannot attract and combine with fine dust particles in the way that the high pressure Giraffa can. The fine droplets created by the Giraffa are ideal to capture dust, and because they are so small, the water tends to evaporate quickly, avoiding problems associated with overwetting the site.”

The Giraffa features two rings of nozzles, each with 32 nozzles.

“You have the flexibility of being able to turn off one of the rings to regulate the amount of fog being created,” said Mr Cooper. “The Giraffa’s hydraulic arm also means you can direct the flow to exactly where it’s needed.”

The Giraffa is used for dust suppression, evaporative cooling and odour control and deodorising. It is available as a fixed or mobile version.

“The mobile version of the Giraffa can be attached to a wheeled trolley, enabling it to be moved to wherever it’s needed,” said Mr Cooper. “The hydraulic arm of both the fixed and mobile version extends to 5 metres in height, giving it excellent reach. The Giraffa can be set to continuously rotate through a horizontal  angle of 340 degrees or any angle in between. Giraffa is designed and manufactured in Italy, and is available in Australia through Tecpro Australia.

“Idrotech draws on 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial fogging systems,” said Mr Cooper. “Their fogging solutions are produced to the highest standards using the latest technology and quality components.”

The technical team at Tecpro Australia can provide advice regarding the Giraffa and a range of other dust suppression solutions. Contact 02 9634 3370 to learn more.

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