Italian designed fog maker on display for the first time in Australia

Tecpro Australia News Release – August 2011

Tecpro Australia is pleased to present the Idrotech ELEFANTE fog maker at the upcoming AIMEX event in September.

Representatives of the mining and construction industry who are responsible for controlling fugitive dust should ensure they visit the Tecpro Australia stand at the Australian International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX).

“We’re very pleased to be showcasing Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog maker,” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director, Tecpro Australia. “This will be the first time the ELEFANTE has been shown in Australia and we’ll also have representatives from Idrotech on hand to answer questions about it as well as their other specialist dust suppression products.”

The ELEFANTE features a powerful fan on which three concentric nozzle rings are mounted. It sprays an ultra-fine mist across large areas, with a throw length of up to 60 metres.

“The ELEFANTE is especially effective in environments such as open-cut coal mines and construction sites,” says Mr Cooper. “This is because the size of the mist droplets and dust particles are similar, enabling them to combine more easily and fall to the ground due to their combined weight.”

Apart from reducing occupational and health and safety risks, the ELEFANTE also helps to avoid environmental damage caused by fugitive dust harming the local environment or entering waterways.

“The fog droplets that ELEFANTE generates are so fine that they evaporate quickly and therefore do not cause problems of water pooling or run off,” says Mr Cooper. “And because it can be supplied mounted on a wheeled trolley or fitted to a concrete base or trailer, it can be placed wherever dust needs to be suppressed.”

The ELEFANTE uses water pressure of 10 bar through 156 nozzles, and the flow rate varies from 14.8 litres per minute to 87.6 litres per minute, depending on the particular nozzle size fitted. The unit requires 400v-50Hz power and uses 11 Kw of energy.

“For small areas such as conveyor transfer points or around crushers for example, Idrotech has high pressure nozzles that can be mounted around the perimeter of the area to suppress the dust,” says Mr Cooper. “But for larger areas, fog makers are often more effective as they can project the dust-controlling mist or fog a distance 60 metres with the ELEFANTE and 25 metres with Idrotech’s smaller GIRAFFA.”

Mr Cooper reports that Tecpro has already received several enquiries from customers who are keen to see the ELEFANTE at AIMEX. These customers have been interested in using the ELEFANTE for dust suppression in road construction, demolition, quarries and mining.

Tecpro is also fielding enquiries from customers who are interested in purchasing the display model ELEFANTE at a discounted price.

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