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Save floor space with Rino wall mounted mist cannon
The Rino mist cannon is a compact fog maker that’s perfect for a diverse range of applications. With its new, specially designed bracket, it can be fitted to walls, so it can get to work without using up valuable floor space.
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New fog nozzle with filter for use with dirty water
Now available from Tecpro Australia, Idrotech has released an easy maintenance fog nozzle, suitable for use with unclean water.
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Silica is a common component of many materials that are encountered during construction. If workers are exposed to silica dust without adequate respiratory protection in place, they are at risk of developing silicosis, a serious lung disease.
Silica is a major component in sand, and sand is a principal ingredient in cement, which in turn is used to make concrete. Rocks such as granite and sandstone, as well as clay bricks, tiles and some fibro cement products also contain silica.
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Fog maker with ATEX certification now available
New to the market, Tecpro is pleased to introduce an ATEX certified version of their fog makers that suppresses dust in areas in danger of explosion.
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There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for dust suppression
Every dust problem is unique – from the volume of dust to its size, its type, its location, and the surrounding environment. It’s vital to fully understand all factors, and to get expert guidance in choosing the right solution from the full range of options.
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Tecpro Australia introduces the versatile new Rino fog maker
Tecpro Australia has extended its range of industrial fog makers with the launch of the economical new Rino – effective in suppressing dust, controlling odours, humidifying and evaporative cooling.
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Big “animals” on show at AIMEX 2013

Tecpro Australia showcased the ”long necked” GIRAFFA and the bigger bodied ELEFANTE at the AIMEX 2013 exhibition for the mining industry in Sydney in August.
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Tecpro Australia showing award-winning dust suppression products at AIMEX 2013

Tecpro Australia will show off its award-winning dust suppression products on Stand R176 at AIMEX– Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition, to be held at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park from August 20-23, 2013.
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Dust: an explosive risk

History is littered with incidents of catastrophic dust explosions. It is possible however, to minimise the risk by identifying and mitigating contributing factors.
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NCIG proactively controls dust using Tecpro’s customised system

Preventing dust problems is an important priority of the Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG). In order to contain dust now and in the future, Aurecon Hatch (on behalf of NCIG) engaged Tecpro Australia to provide a dust suppression solution at the site of NCIG’s second dump station, DS02. This follows the success of a dust suppression solution designed and fabricated by Tecpro 12 months earlier at NCIG’s first dump station on Kooragang Island.
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Dust: a cause for concern in many environments

The risk to human health can be severe in situations where dust is poorly controlled. Choosing an effective dust suppression solution is an effective way to mitigate the problem.
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Tecpro and UOW win at Australian Bulk Handling Awards

Tecpro Australia and the University of Wollongong have won a prestigious award for their collaborative dust suppression solution at Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine.
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ELEFANTE fog maker takes off worldwide
Idrotech’s ELEFANTE fog maker, available locally through Tecpro Australia, is being used in Russia, China, Africa and Australia to combat dust problems at mine sites.
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Tecpro Australia Nomination for the 7th Annual Australian Bulk Handling Awards

In the category of: 
Dust Control Technology, Application or Practice
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atic reduction in dust achieved at Mandalong Mine

In its Longwall coal mine near Morisset NSW, Centennial Coal sought to reduce significant dust emissions around its underground bin.
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Sideways misting fan effective in dust suppression and evaporative cooling

Featuring an innovative new radial fan, the Italian designed and manufactured Idrotech Mist Fan 360 is ideal for dust suppression or evaporative cooling in indoor and open-air environments.
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High pressure Giraffa generates an ultra fine mist for powerful dust suppression
Idrotech’s high pressure Giraffa fog maker operates at up to 50 bar, producing a fine mist vapour that captures and suppresses ultra-small dust particles.
More Information on the new High Pressure Giraffa Industrial Fog Maker

Italian designed and manufactured, the Giraffa is an agile, high performance Fog Maker available in fixed and mobile versions that produces and projects a mass of fine water droplets up to 25 metres.
Giraffa is part of Idrotech’s newest range of products designed to suppress dust in the most challenging of conditions.
More information on the new Low Pressure Giraffa Industrial Fog Maker

Big Fog Maker generates a buzz at AIMEX

Tecpro Australia’s stand at the Australian International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) in September attracted much attention with its range of specialist dust suppression solutions, including the ELEFANTE Fog Maker which appeared in Australia for the first time.
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Italian designed fog maker on display for the first time in Australia

Tecpro Australia is pleased to present the Idrotech ELEFANTE fog maker at the upcoming AIMEX event in September.
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Representative from Sime at Tecpro’s stand at AIMEX

Tecpro Australia will feature the range of Sime dust suppression products and have a Sime representative on hand at the upcoming AIMEX Exhibition in September.
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Tecpro launching innovative Dust Suppression Solutions at AIMEX

Tecpro Australia will unveil innovative new dust suppression products for the mining industry on Stand R176 during AIMEX.
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Tecpro Australia’s introduces the Elefante Fog Maker which is Ideal for Large Scale Dust Suppression

The ELEFANTE fog maker produced by award winning Italian company Idrotech S.r.l is ideal for large scale dust suppression.
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Big Improvements in Dust Suppression at Recycling Plant

The CAY and Cobra Head nozzles and Skipper Water Cannon significantly improve dust suppression.
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