Representative from Sime at Tecpro’s stand at AIMEX

Tecpro Australia News Release – August 2011

The well-known Sime Water Cannons are highly effective in suppressing dust in mining and construction environments. Tecpro Australia will feature the range and also have a Sime representative on hand at the upcoming AIMEX Exhibition in September.

Italian-designed and manufactured Sime Water Cannons are used extensively worldwide for dust suppression in the mining and construction industries.

With their gear-driven smooth rotation, they do not cause vibration damage to supporting infrastructure that similar size sprinklers do.

“Sime Water Cannons have an adjustable jet-breaker which generates a light and uniform distribution of moisture over the targeted area,” says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia. “It is also simple to change the sprinkler’s operation from a part circle to full circle.”

Tecpro will display Sime Water Cannons at their stand at the Australian International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) in September. A representative from Sime will also be on hand to answer questions about the range.

“The Standard Skipper, High Pressure Mining Skipper and High Pressure Mining SP2 models are best suited to dust suppression in mining environments,” says Mr Cooper. “They have a standard elevation angle of 25 degrees, but can be supplied with ‘flip’ nozzles which give 22 or 28 degree elevations for wetting of stockpile to prevent dust being carried away with the prevailing winds.”

Another product often used in mines is the Sime Mariner Water Cannon, which is available in short-barrel, long-barrel and variable angle models.

“The Sime range of Water Cannons is designed to be reliable and water efficient, and they offer a cost effective option for suppressing dust in a variety of mining and construction environments,” says Mr Cooper. “We are looking forward to exhibiting the range at AIMEX as well as having a representative from Sime available to answer specific questions.”

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