Save floor space with Rino wall mounted mist cannon

The Rino mist cannon is a compact fog maker that’s perfect for a diverse range of applications. With its new, specially designed bracket, it can be fitted to walls, so it can get to work without using up valuable floor space.

Available through Tecpro Australia, the Idrotech Rino Fog Maker is popular for use where dust suppression, odour control, evaporative cooling, humidification or disinfection is needed.

“With the development of a purpose-designed, compact bracket, the Rino can be easily installed above ground height,” said Patrick Cooper, a technical consultant with Tecpro Australia. “This has the advantage of putting it in a position where the mist can disperse more easily, and it also means it’s not taking up floor space. Plus in situations where there is heavy equipment being moved about – for example bulldozers in a waste transfer station – the Rino is safely out of harm’s way.”

Fog makers work by propelling a powerful mist of micro droplets. In the case of the Rino, the fog generated can travel up to 30 metres. Its pivoting head allows it to rotate 180 degrees and its elevation can be adjusted from -20 degrees to +30 degrees.

“An optional tank and dosing pump is available with the Rino,” said Mr Cooper. “This means chemicals such as odour neutralisers or disinfecting agents can be added, and automatically dispersed where needed. It’s a useful feature for a variety of settings, including waste treatment plants where odours or contaminants need to be neutralised.”

The Rino is fitted with a ring of special nozzles positioned on the outlet, and an industrial fan projects the mist. Designed and manufactured in Italy, three different models are available with flow rates of 11, 15 and 21 litres per minute.

Tecpro Australia can advise on the best choice of nozzles for all types of industrial applications. Contact our technical team today to learn more.

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