Sideways misting fan effective in dust suppression and evaporative cooling

Featuring an innovative new radial fan, the Italian designed and manufactured Idrotech Mist Fan 360 is ideal for dust suppression or evaporative cooling in indoor and open-air environments.

The innovative Idrotech Mist Fan 360 is attracting attention for its ability to suppress dust more extensively and cost effectively than traditional online systems.

“In dust prone environments such as foundries or waste transfer stations, the Idrotech Mist Fan 360 is a great choice for dust suppression,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia.  “Compared with fixing lines of nozzles, it offers a simple-to-install, cost effective solution that offers six times more coverage than traditional online systems.”

The Idrotech Mist Fan 360 is often installed on the ceiling of a roof in hot or dusty environments.

“Its nozzles give a 360 degree radial diffusion, propelling a fine mist sideways over a diameter of 6 metres, covering an effective area of approximately 30 square metres,” said Mr Cooper. “The mist vapour that is created combines with fine dust particles, forcing the dust to fall to the ground.”

By suppressing the dust, visibility and air quality in the workplace is significantly improved as well as worker comfort.

“Apart from dust suppression, the Idrotech Mist Fan 360 also assists in cooling and humidifying indoors or outdoor areas,” said Mr Cooper. “It is capable of reducing ambient temperature by 10 degrees Celsius and the fine mist also acts as a deterrent to flying insects such as mosquitoes.”

Settings on the Idrotech Mist Fan 360 can be adjusted to allow for humidity.

It is available as a hanging version or on a pedestal stand with base support.

Enquiries regarding the Idrotech Mist Fan 360 can be directed to the technical team at Tecpro Australia on 02 9634 3370.

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