Suppress dust in quarries, mines, construction sites and more with the innovative new Low Pressure Giraffa Industrial Fog Maker

Italian designed and manufactured, the Giraffa is an agile, high performance Fog Maker available in fixed and mobile versions that produces and projects a mass of fine water droplets up to 25 metres.

Giraffa is part of Idrotech’s newest range of products designed to suppress dust in the most challenging of conditions.

“Giraffa features an industrial nebulising system that shoots billions of fine water droplets into the air,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director with Tecpro Australia. “With its hydraulic arm and powerful fan, it is capable of propelling the mist a distance of up to 25 metres. This makes it effective in suppressing dust in settings such as mines, quarries, steel mills, waste transfer stations and similar dust-prone environments. It can be used both indoors and outside.”

The size of the water particles generated by the Giraffa is determined by a number of factors including the choice of high or low pressure water pump and nozzle type.  Dust suppression is effective when the dust particles and atomised water droplets are similar in size, making it more likely they will combine and fall to the ground, assisted by gravity.

“When used with a low pressure pump, the water particles produced by the new Low Pressure Giraffa are coarser than those generated by the high pressure version,” said Mr Cooper. “This makes the Low Pressure Giraffa well suited to situations where the dust particles are bigger and where a wetting effect over the ground is also required. Coal stockpiles, demolition sites, and roadways, are a perfect application for this new Giraffa.”

The High Pressure Giraffa produces much finer droplets and is used where the dust is extremely fine. It is also suitable in situations where minimal, if any, wetting of the ground is required, or where evaporative cooling is the desired outcome.

The Low Pressure Giraffa operates at up to 10 bar (145 PSI) and delivers a flow rate range between 5.3 to 40 litres per minute, depending on which size nozzle is used. The high pressure version operates at up to 50 Bar (720 PSI) with a flow rate of 11 litre/min.

“Before recommending the best solution to address a client’s dust problems, we discuss their specific challenges and requirements,” said Mr Cooper. “Every dust suppression application is unique.   Among other information, our suggestions include advising on choice of nozzle sizes and pressure pump type to generate a mist that will match the size of the dust particles being experienced at their site.”

The Giraffa’s cannon mouth has two atomising nozzle rings with a total of 64 nozzles, and a rotation field of 340 degrees. Its hydraulic arm enables it to be positioned up to a very impressive 5 metres in height.

“The Giraffa mobile version can be mounted on a wheeled trolley,” said Mr Cooper. “This gives it the flexibility to be moved about, making it popular for targetting dust problems from variable sources.”

Tecpro Australia distributes the complete Idrotech range which includes the new Low Pressure Giraffa. Enquiries can be directed to the technical team on 02 9634 3370.

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