Tecpro Australia introduces the versatile new Rino fog maker

Rino LP Fog Maker

Rino – Low Pressure

The Rino offers greater versatility with the ability to operate effectively with either low or high pressure water, and at many different flow rates.

“Thirty nozzles are positioned around the fog maker’s mouth, with different types of nozzles used depending on whether water pressure is high or low,” said Graeme Cooper, Managing Director of Tecpro Australia, distributor of the Rino. “The nozzles atomise the water into a fine mist capable of being propelled 30 metres by its powerful fan.”

The Rino can be set for high water pressure (up to 70 bar) or low water pressure (up to 15 bar). There are many mounting options for the Rino, but the most common is the 3-wheel trolley version. The 3-wheel version allows it to be moved where needed and with a rotation angle of up to 340 degrees and an elevation range between -25 degrees to +35 degrees, fog can be directed over a broad area, or targeted where needed. Optional extras include a 12-button remote control and an auxiliary pump to optimise water pressure.

For dust suppression, the fine mist droplets generated by Rino combine readily with dust particles, causing the dust to fall to the earth aided by gravity. By varying the nozzles and pressure, the Rino produces droplets of a size that eliminates water pooling and therefore reducing environmental and safety hazards in the vicinity.

“Tecpro’s fog maker range has revolutionised the effectiveness of dust suppression in environments like mining, construction and waste transfer stations,” said Mr Cooper.

Rino HP Fog Maker

Rino – High Pressure

“The arrival of the Rino on the scene greatly expands the versatility of our fog maker

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