There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution for dust suppression

Every dust problem is unique – from the volume of dust to its size, its type, its location, and the surrounding environment. It’s vital to fully understand all factors, and to get expert guidance in choosing the right solution from the full range of options.

It would be easy to think all dust problems are the same. But that would be a mistake, says Graeme Cooper, Managing Director with Tecpro Australia.

“First of all, there is the chemical or mineralogical composition of the dust to consider,” he says. “Then it is important to understand its concentration, and the size of the particles. Contextual factors such as whether the dust is in an open or confined space, and whether it is close to people or sensitive environmental areas such as waterways must also be taken into account. These are just some of the characteristics we review when we’re asked to provide a dust suppression solution.”

Mr Cooper says a common misconception is that it is simply a matter of adding more water to dampen down dust.

“Adding excess water can cause problems,” he says. “It adds unnecessary costs and it is not the way to effectively combat dust problems. Too much water creates muddy, unsafe conditions, and it also contributes to water pooling that can produce an unpleasant working environment, harbour bacteria or insects, or create run-off that can harm the local environment.”  Use too little water, and there is not enough volume to effectively do the job.  The volume has to be tailored to suit the particular situation.

Tecpro advises on dust suppression solutions for all types of industries including mining, construction, cement production, quarries and recycling plants.  It also offers a comprehensive range of dust suppression solutions including a wide variety of nozzles and fog makers.  In addition to it’s broad range of standard products, the team at Tecpro also produce custom-designs.

“We offer Australia’s largest range of dust suppression solutions and this means we can match the correct dust suppression system with the specific problem being faced by our customer,” says Mr Cooper. “From fog makers that can propel a fine mist sixty metres, to specialist nozzles fitted to custom made brackets, we can recommend a solution that works.” 

Tecpro’s range includes spiral nozzles, cluster nozzles, flat van nozzles, misting spray nozzles, conventional air atomising nozzles and ultrasonic air atomising nozzles, as well as the GIRAFFA, ELEFANTE and RINO fog makers. The technical team at Tecpro also designs and fabricates customised dust suppression solutions to deal with the unique challenges faced by customers.

“Dust is suppressed effectively when the size of the mist droplets generated matches the size of the dust particles,” says Mr Cooper. “The mist droplet and dust particle combine easily, and aided by gravity, they fall to the ground. And because the water droplet is microscopic in size, it evaporates quickly, avoiding any water build up.”

The company’s expertise in creating effective dust suppression solutions was recognised in being jointly awarded the Australian Bulk Handling Review Award for Dust Control, Technology, Application or Practice in 2012. Tecpro won the prestigious award along with the University of Wollongong, for their collaborative dust suppression solution at Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine.

Tecpro Australia offers advice and guidance on all types of industrial dust problems. Click here for more information.

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