Sime Mariner

The Mariner is a full and part circle sprinkler. It can be equipped with nozzles of various diameters and an adjustable jet-breaker which provides a light and uniform rainfall all over the watered area. Its sizes and features have been designed to obtain the highest watering efficiency. It has a standard elevation angle of 25 degrees, but can be supplied with ‘flip’ nozzles which give 22 or 28 degree elevations. It can also be supplied with either a slow or fast gearbox which determines the speed of rotation. Note that the Mariner is a gear driven sprinkler and with its smooth rotation does not cause the vibration damage to supporting infrastructure that similar sized impact sprinklers do. The smooth rotation is also much safer for operators than impact sprinklers because of the slower speed of external moving parts.

The standard Mariner (quotation by email or phone) also, as can be seen below there are a large number of customisations.

Custom Models

Washdown Mariner
A customised Sime Mariner used where it is difficult or dangerous for people or machinery to clean under conveyor belts or other machinery. It is also commonly used to washdown cattle/dairy yards.

This Mariner has an adjustable downward elevation angle and a deflector plate for the secondary nozzle. It can have a static direction or its internal gearing can be used to cover a part or full circle.

Adjustable Angle Mariner
A customised Sime Mariner used where an elevation angle different to the standard 25 degrees is required or the exact angle required is not known. It is possible to adjust the elevation angle over a 10 degree range in the field with these sprinklers.

When specifying and Adjustable Angle Mariner it is possible to state the 10 degree elevation angle range. For example a common specification is for a 35 degree to 45 degree Mariner for dust suppression of high coal stockpiles.

Dust Suppression Mariner
A customised Sime Mariner used for dust suppression and frequently used in close proximity to vehicles or moving equipment.

This Mariner has shortened barrell to minimise the chance of contact with vehicles or moving equipment. It also has no jet breaker and a sealed worm drive, for further improved reliability under adverse conditions.


The Mariner was originally designed for agriculture and provides a light and uniform rainfall all over the watered area. It is a low maintenance solution for watering large areas. It can be used on an extensive range of crops and with its light rainfall is ideal for use on fragile plants.

Dust Suppression
The Standard Mariners or the Dust Suppression Mariner are a high quality, lower cost option relative to other sprinklers used for dust suppression. Both sprinklers provide a even coverage over a large area.

The Washdown Mariner shown above is ideal for washdown applications.

Waste Water Disposal
The Mariner is an excellent low maintenance solution for waste water irrigation. Its high nozzle sizes minimise the need for filtration. The secondary (gear drive) nozzle can be protected from blockage with a specialised self cleaning stainless steel filter.

The Mariners can be fitted with nozzles which can mist water over treatment ponds or tailings dams to assist evaporation.

Fire Prevention And Control
The Mariner has been used for fire prevention and control in Australian coal mines for over 20 years.


Nozzels are available from 18mm to 50mm. The Mariner has been manufacturer tested and is used at Australian sites at pressures above 160psi.


Sime Irrigation (Australia) stock the full range of parts for this sprinkler. Please click here to display an image of the full parts list.

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