Sime Skipper

The Skipper is a full and part circle sprinkler. It can be equipped with nozzles of various diameters and an adjustable jet-breaker which provides a light and uniform rainfall all over the watered area. Its sizes and features have been designed to obtain the highest watering efficiency. It has a standard elevation angle of 25 degrees, but can be supplied with ‘flip’ nozzles which give 22 or 28 degree elevations. Note that the Skipper is a gear driven sprinkler and with its smooth rotation does not cause the vibration damage to supporting infrastructure that similar sized impact sprinklers do. The smooth rotation is also much safer for operators than impact sprinklers because of the slower speed of external moving parts.

The Skipper  (Quotation by email or phone) also, as can be seen below there are customisations.

Custom Models

High Pressure Mining Skipper
A customised Sime Skipper built to handle the high pressures (>150psi) commonly found in the mining industry. From outward appearences it is identical to the standard skipper, but has some minor internal modifications to support the higher pressures.


The Skipper was originally designed for agriculture and provides a light and uniform rainfall all over the watered area. It is a low maintenance solution for watering large areas. It can be used on an extensive range of crops and with its light rainfall is ideal for use on fragile plants.

Dust Suppression
The Standard Skippers or the High Pressure Mining Skipper are a high quality, lower cost option relative to other sprinklers used for dust suppression. Both sprinklers provide a even coverage over a large area.

Fire Prevention And Control
The High Pressure Mining Skipper has been used for fire prevention and control in Australian open cut coal mines.


Sime Irrigation (Australia) stock the full range of parts for this sprinkler. Please click here to display an image of the full parts list.

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